GTO Sensei - 3-BP SB vs FP Cash by Winged_Guy & dyrdom1

Description of the 3-Bet Pot SB vs Free Position Cash Pack

3bet-pot SB vs Free_position (especially SB vs BU) is the closest spot to ideal GTO on any given limit. Thus If you play nl50 and try to discover Solvers, this pack is a great starting point since it does make sense to begin with a spot where GTO-concepts are implemented the most in real games. At the same time if you play nl200 this pack would help you bring your skills to perfection through a number of drills and regular trainings. Moreover, this pack includes spots where RFI-range is 12%, so it fits 9max players as well as 6max.
You’ll find a detailed breakdown of spots based on position (SB vs EP_9max, SB vs MP, SB vs HJ, SB vs CO, SB vs BU), cbet size (33%, 50%, 66%, 99%). These spots combine for 20 regular trainings (you play entire hand).
This pack was created by dyrdom1 (professional SH and FR cash player at nl1000/nl500, coach) and Winged_Guy, (professional SH and FR cash player at nl500/nl200, coach).
Preflop ranges have been solved in Simple Preflop Holdem with locked RFI-ranges (EP_9max – 12%; MP – 17%; HJ – 20%; CO – 27%; BU – 44%) with 4,5% rake and 0,3bb CAP (same as PokerStars nl1000). Among all calculations pack authors made this one resembles real ranges the most.

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