GTO Sensei - Crush MTT Pack by Vea

Description of the Crush MTT Pack

This pack was created by long-time crushing MTT player and founder of MTT Poker school "SVschool" - Artem "Vea" Vezhenkov. Vea is 3 times winner of PokerStars "Sunday Million" tournament, 5 times winner of "Super Tuesday" tourney and is "Top 1 Yearly PocketFives Leaderboard 2016".
This training pack is a powerful tool for working on the game outside the poker tables. With its help, you can quickly improve your postflop skill in most of the MTT spots. According to the author, in terms of the ratio of the invested time to the result obtained, there are no even close instruments at the moment. When creating the trees, Vea relied on the solutions of GTO solvers, his experience and analysis of the base of hands of MTT regs included top100 players of pocket5.
The pack includes 43 trainings of most common MTT postflop spots!
Train in the GTO Sensei app and Crush MTT like Vea!

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