GTO Sensei - SRP Cash IP vs BB Training Pack

Description of SRP Cash IP vs BB Pack

This training pack was created by “shakeitbaby” - professional 6-max and fullring cash game player of the NL100-NL200 limits. In the pack you can improve in the most money spots in poker - in single-raise pots in vacant positions against the caller in the big blind and defend optimally in the big blind. These are the most productive workouts for incorporating overbets into your game that are still underutilized in the current meta at low and mid stakes.
The pack contains training with a simplified strategy with one size cbet on the flop of 33%, as well as a split of two sizes for players who want to use a more advanced strategy. Exercises for defense in the big blind can use training against opponents who use overbets, as well as against players who use standard sizing without overbetting.
Preflop ranges are calculated in preflop gto solver (Simple Preflop Holdem) for NL100 Pokerstars games with 5% rake and 2.5bb cap.

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